Thursday, December 15, 2011

Improve mileage with a Gasoline Vaporizer

It has been proven that gasoline only burns in the form of VAPOR. That is why everyone that has installed a Gasoline Vaporizer on their vehicle (with a gasoline engine) got MUCH more mpg & MORE POWER! You maybe COULD make one yourself. How? Ask google: "how to make a gasoline vaporizer". Or you can buy one. Where?  Check out:  If you would like help making &/or installing a gasoline vaporizer &/or hho generator, ask around for help or you can put an ad in 1 or more newspapers.  If you will also use all the best synthetic lubricants & filters (especially air & oil), of course you will get EVEN BETTER performance, protection, & mpg. For details on which company to go with you can ask google: "who makes the best synthetic lubricants". Of course, you will get different answers. I suggest you seriously consider: & Of course, before changing to Amsoil motor oil (unless you don't have many miles on the motor), I advise using Engine Flush, or be prepaired to change the oil filter again very soon. Why not consider becoming a dealer & prosper helping people save time, trouble, & fuel(money)? Consider this: as more & more people use less & less fuel what will keep the price from coming down? Also there will be less pollution! Eventually we COULD perhaps even start exporting oil again!!! Why not share this website with others for our mutual benefit: